Véronique Ziminski - Portrait

Véronique Ziminski 
is of Polish and French (Franche Comté) extraction and has lived in Haute Savoie for over 30 years.

There was no way that her artistic career could have been predicted. With a Baccalaureate at 16, and a business degree by the age of 21, her future path seemed laid out.

And yet one lazy, rainy, day, Véronique Ziminski began to sketch. Her husband immediately spotted her true talent and encouraged her to develop it day by day.

Combining her professional work and her artistic passion for 10 years, Véronique Ziminski made her mark at various exhibitions and won several awards.

Success came in 2000 when she began to exhibit her works in several galleries.

In 2007, Véronique Ziminski opened her own gallery in Yvoire on the shores of Lake Léman, followed in 2010 by a second one in Riquewihr, Alsace.

Véronique Ziminski now has many collectors of her art both in France and abroad, and all agree that her canvases are a hymn to life, brimming with light and happiness.